Prisma Colour Music Songs for Young Children – Musical notation and Chords


  • Music book for student and/or supervisor with staff notation and chords.


Scientific evidence has shown that music has a positive influence on several important parts of a person's development. Prisma Colourmusic allows for the easy association of colors on the page with colors on the keys of a piano or keyboard. It is a tool for individual music therapie, individual music lessons and the leisurely making of music!

Table of Contents

  1. Mary had a little lamb
  2. Lucy Locket
  3. Twinkle twinkle little star
  4. In the moonlight
  5. Brother John
  6. I'm a little teapot
  7. The wheels on the bus
  8. Iets Bitsy Spider
  9. Rain rain go away
  10. Row row row your boat
  11. I like the flowers
  12. BINGO
  13. Yankee Doodle
  14. If you're happy
  15. Hush little Baby
  16. Happy Birthday



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